How Coworking Spaces Overcame the Covid-19?

In the present scenario, where the world has been troubled gravely by the invasion of Covid-19, every aspect of an individual’s life or country’s affair has undergone certain disturbance. Comparing the day-to-day life of the pre-pandemic era to the present-day situation will make you realize how the world is trying to get to the ‘new normal life.

While considering every other aspect, we must consider some newly invented and swiftly growing industries that are partially or wholly affected by the lockdown implemented for the precaution. Similarly, when you compare coworking space with traditional office infrastructure, it will show you the instant growth of coworking spaces after the pandemic.

Coworking Space Brain Embassy Private Office
Coworking Space Brain Embassy Private Office

Compare coworking space before and during the Covid Pandemic

While looking at the pre-covid condition of the coworking space industry, there were almost 35000 such companies that were offering these services throughout the world, and they were increasing swiftly back then at the start of 2020. According to a survey, 50% of the startups have ended up or need almost a year to revive back, and one-third of the clients have canceled their registration as a partner. While we compare coworking space with others, then this is just a temporary down for this industry.

Compare coworking space with others- choose a better option

As the current condition demands precautionary measures from every individual, social distancing and isolation are the dire need of the hour. What makes us anxious is our source of income. Expenses have increased, and businesses are facing loss. In that grave situation, maintenance of a company’s image is important. For that, you don’t need to pay the expenditures of private offices, you can work in shared workspaces, coworking spaces to continue your work. That is how you can enjoy the perks of coworking spaces, i.e., obeying the social distancing in an affordable range.

Compare coworking space’s winning strategies with private offices to overcome the Covid-19

It is been said that have one floor in different areas rather than having many floors in a single area. It reflects the vision of expanding one’s business. When we compare coworking space with private offices, we can see how the industry is standing again. It seems like a blessing in disguise as the economic conditions of businesses are quite vulnerable. They have mostly adopted 6 feet distances between hot tables, automatic touchless doors, cleaning on repetition, sanitizers, masks compulsion, and lessen the on-duty staff. Private offices might have adopted the same precautions, but their expenses would have increased on time. As the finances of every business are disturbed, so it is not easy for private offices to deal with the situation as compare to coworking spaces where the expenditures are distributed.

so to sum it up, considering the conditions of Lockdown where everyone is not allowed to attend the workplace. it is mandatory to maintain a company’s presence in the marketing. Virtual meetings are not enough for clients or staff. In that condition, instead of booking a whole private office for your company, coworking space seems a better option with money-savings opportunity.