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Ha-Manof St 2, Rehovot, Israel
4.6 Awesome (11 Reviews)
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  • Which chain of work spaces are operating in Rehovot?
    At Spacenter website, you will find all the various coworking spaces chains, including WeWork, Regus, ROOMS, BE ALL, Urban Place and more. Just go to the search page and choose coworking spaces in Rehovot, then you'll see all the coworking spaces chains, if there are any, as well as coworking space in Rehovot that are not part of a coworking chain.
  • I have a pet, are there coworking spaces in Rehovot that are pet friendly?
    In order to view which coworking spaces in Rehovot offer accsess to our fury friends, choose the filter named "amenities" > pet friendly, and the results will show coworking space in Rehovot has pwt friendly policy.
  • There are so many coworking spaces in Rehovot, which one comes highly recommended?
    at Spacenter you will find coworking spaces in Rehovot that appear with different ratings and opinions of clients that have worked or are currently working in the coworking space, if you wish, you can filter the coworking spaces by rating using the rating filter.
  • Are there cheap coworking spaces in Rehovot?
    At Spacenter you can filter by prices. Simply choose the "Sort by" filter, choose the "Price" option and you will immediately receive a view of cheap coworking space in Rehovot, arranged from the low-to-high price or to your liking.
  • I have a coworking space in Rehovot, how can I apper on Spacenter?
    In order to add co-working spaces in Rehovot to the site, please contact us at

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