Tel Giborim St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

The Coworking space eHouse offers a lot and beyond what you dared to hope for. Not only it is in one of the best locations, it has impressive design, a variety of necessary services and flexebility in terms of rental conditions. Among others the tenants in the Co-working space eHouse that’s located at Tel Giborim St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo enjoy a variety of comprehensive and economic benefits. Beyond the fact that you get to decide for how long you’ll rent the space (by day, hour or monthly rate), you also get to know in advance what the total expenses will be at the end of each month. how? simple! eHouse does not have any “surprises”. At the end of the month there are no additional payments related to electricity, property taxes, cleaning services, high speed internet or printing services, as everything is included in advance within the initial payment.

Those who rent an office, hot desk or dedicated desk at eHouse enjoy easy access to a variety of important services such as meeting rooms for example, and of course full access to a variety of stylish seating areas. Hence, if you want to offer your client a cup of coffee with high standards (courtesy of the kitchen), or if you want to offer a new service your business (such as a lecture), then everything is accessible and near you – Such as lecture room. It should not be overlooked that the choice of the eHouse connects a variety of local businesses and tenants by networking, a connection that creates an oppurtunity for collaborations. Also, the coworking space emphasizes a social business existence – it is much more than just “another” workplace. This is a supportive and fulfilling community!

So whether you are self-employed or alternatively a business owner with a huge company, it’s time to pay less and get more. eHouse located in Tel Aviv-Yafo and offers a variety of important benefits. It’s time to move forward, save money and time and enjoy the facilities that the eHouse has to offer!


  • What's eHouse address?
    The coworking space eHouse is located in Tel Aviv-Yafo, the address is Tel Giborim St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.
  • Is eHouse available on weekends?
    No, eHouse is closed on the weekends.
  • Is eHouse close to public transportation?
    Yes, eHouse is close to train or bus station.
  • Are there any restaurants and coffee shops near eHouse co-working space?
    Yes, there are places to eat nearby the co-working space.
  • Is eHouse workspace payment "all included"?
    Yes, all the co-working spaces on the site are using an all-inclusive method, the eHouse offers tenants a variety of comprehensive services for the business - Internet, cleaning services, a comfortable working station, a well-equipped coffee corner and more.
No broker's fee
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